<i>Slow-down in Umbria</i> <i>2-9 September</i>
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Slow-down in Umbria 2-9 September

Painting Autumn Fruits & Vines

These botanical art holidays are incredibly sociable. People return with friends, or to make new ones. Artists are often single travellers who enjoy meeting like-minded people from many countries

Only 3 places remaining

7 night holiday
Painter (shared room) 1195 Euros
Non-painter (shared room) 850 Euros

Single occupancy of room + 105 euros
Apartment + 105 euros per person

Booking deposit (non-refundable)
500 Euros per person
All this is included
  • Stay in one of eleven en-suite bedrooms* in the same building as the studio
  • Stay in an apartment option (supplement)
  • Full board with half bottle of wine at dinner. Dinner only on day of arrival, breakfast only on day of departure.
  • FREE wi-fi
  • A day excursion to an organic vineyard with a tasting lunch
  • Tutored** studio hours 9.30am – 1pm and 2.30 – 4pm
  • Equipment : drawing boards, light box, water pots, paper towel.
  • Free tea and coffee to make in studio

* not all rooms have balconies/views so book early to secure one.
** access to studio is 24/7 so you are welcome to work there outside of the tutored hours.

How to Book

Contact me with full details.
I will confirm that a provisional place is being held for you. You will then be contacted by the hotel requesting your deposit payment. Upon payment your place with be confirmed.
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How are they structured?

Each week will be themed, but within this there is still flexibility. Specimens are provided or found locally. Strolling the lanes and field margins foraging for specimens is a really enjoyable activity. Its amazing what people find.

Tackle a small study in pencil, or a full painting in watercolour… with my support through guidance and demonstrations.

The tuition is a mixture of group discussion, demonstration and individual guidance. One of the hallmarks of these holidays is how generously the artists support each other regardless of experience level.

The studio day starts at 9.30 with a tutored session until lunch at 1pm.
At 2.30pm the afternoon tutored session starts until 4pm

Each week, Day 1 usually starts with a short slideshow of themed historical and contemporary paintings to give inspiration. Each person then gets to decide with my guidance an approach appropriate to their level of experience. My aim is that everyone enjoys learning, and trying out new skills in a friendly, non-competitive environment.

Free time
After class you are free to work on in the studio, sunbathe, swim, walk or simply relax until dinner.

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