Leafy Character


Not another 'leaves' course... how is this different?

Many excellent online courses cover drawing and painting botanically accurate single leaf specimens. Usually presented in plan view (looking straight down).

This course concentrates on how leaves appear when GROUPED (as they grow). Typically we will use groups of 3-5 and explore characteristics such as 'Smooth & Glossy' "Pocketed' 'Hairy' 'Dried out"

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It covers

Creating a features ranking
Lighting to reveal form, colour and texture
Simple but accurate line drawing
The role of a tonal drawing
Highlights differ - methods
Veins differ - methods
Reflected light
Creating an illusion of depth
Mixing greens and leafy darks
Painting hairs

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Leafy Character

Learn to capture the unique character of leaves

6 month access to materials
No requirement to submit work for feedback

Enrol anytime but course not live until 12 October
Please read the T&C’s.

6 month access to materials
You do not need a Paypal account. Paypal accepts most credit/debit cards

How is the course delivered?

The course web site delivers short streamed videos to explain concepts and demonstrate techniques.

Exercises will encourage you to try out, practice and develop your skills.

You will see several examples of drawn, shaded and painted leaf groups presented as step-by-step scans which I call ‘build-ups’ so that you can study my process.

Although encouraged to use your own live specimens, I will supply correctly lit high-resolution specimen photographs.This helps to overcome issues of seasonality and working in different climatic zones.

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How much time will I need?


From the start date of the course you will have 6 months online access.

Learning the essential techniques, consolidating them with exercises and producing your leaf paintings will take everyone a different amount of time. It depends on your starting level and the amount of time you are able to set aside for study and practice.

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