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Composition Matters

I have been busy working through your lovely course on composition for the past 8 weeks. Thank you for providing such excellent information. I found the video especially valuable.
L.B.Canada, Oct 2018

Composition Matters

For Intermediates

Contains 1 streamed video (6.20m) and two exercises
Optional work in progress 30 minute Skype/Facetime call on request
1 assignment with written feedback
Next course starts 1 August
Registration is open. Contact me for availability prior to payment.

What will be covered?

Listen to your plant
Know your intent
The principles
The process (with video)
Simpler compositions
Layering your compositions

Why take this course?

Do you recognise this dilemma? How may the artist remain true to a plant’s botanical character yet still create an effective composition which draws and holds the viewers attention.

Let me guide you through an approach to composition. Learn how to establish clear focal points, balance space, colour and texture. Why and how to edit, cut, crop and much more.

Whether your intent is to create botanical illustration to educate and inform, or botanical art where aesthetics play a larger role, developing an appropriate composition is important.

It is never too early to consider composition. Guidance in composition can be lacking in some early education of botanical artists. I have found that even experienced artist with superb technical skills may not always fully succeed in capturing a satisfying arrangement of the elements.

A successful composition may help you to explain your specimen, it can also create impact and intrigue. Good composition skills can help your work stand out from the crowd!

Don’t be fearful. The principles of ‘appropriate’ composition can can be learnt, and practice will build your confidence.
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