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Convenient for those whose location, schedule or circumstances rule out attending classroom tuition.

Getting the most from online learning requires you to be self-motivated and able to set aside regular time when you will focus. It can be easy for the demands of family or work life to eat into this special ‘me’ time.

Working this way is ideal if you are someone who likes to work at their own pace. Short streamed videos and exercises allow you to repeat techniques until you feel confident to tackle an assignment.

Choose from 5 topics, each designed to run for 2 months.

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What courses are available?

Click through the links below for full details of each course
Graphite with Impact
Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Delicate Whites
Level: Intermediate

Rich & Vibrant Darks
Level: Intermediate

Botanical Textures
Level: Intermediate

Composition Matters
Level: Beginner to Intermediate

How is the course delivered?

Once enrolled you will be provided with personal login details which give you access to the course materials for a 2 month duration from the session start date.

Each courses feature short videos and full email support. The number and length of videos vary with each. Structured exercises are designed so that you can try out techniques and approaches. All materials are hosted online. You cannot download the videos but can watch them as many times as you like within the duration of the course.

An optional 30 minute Skype session can be requested should you wish to discuss work in progress before completing the assignment.

Most courses have only one final assignment to help you consolidate what you have learnt. Botanical textures has one assignment for each of 4 textures. Assignments are submitted as attachments to receive my written feedback.

What is the cost and how do I enrol?

Each course is priced at £250 payable in advance via Paypal. ​

There are only 10 places per course. ​

The next session starts 1 August 2019.

What are the student requirements?

A good understanding of English.
Beginner or Intermediate level skills in botanical watercolour or drawing (please check level of each topic).
Access to a computer and a good internet connection.
A working understanding of how to take and process a digital image (good quality photo or scan) and email it to complete the course assignments.

Will there be a ‘social’ community?

No. In my opinion students need their instructor to be a ‘trusted voice’ providing consistent and constructive feedback. The social media ‘peer approval’ approach can work well for those seeking emotional support but can also be confusing as it often very subjective.

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