'Slow-down' breaks


Slow-down Breaks


Stunning venues of botanical interest with the emphasis on health and safety. Authentic local food, wine and like-minded company.

APRIL 24 - 1 MAY, Soller, Mallorca
MAY 31 - June 7, Umbria, Italy
JUNE 9-16, Umbria, Italy
SEPT 1-7, Plums in Transylvania FULL
SEPT 11-18, Umbria Italy

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Why refer to them as 'Slow-down' breaks?

I like to call botanical 'the slow and mindful art'. Stepping outside of your daily routine and learning to slow the pace, focussing on the small things of nature can bring unexpected benefits.

These breaks are about so much more than gaining painting will gain memories and the friendship of like-minded guests from all over the world.

This video (4m 57) made in 2018 will give you the flavour of holiday workshops I run every year in Umbria, Italy.

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Different locations
...same ethos

All our venues are chosen for their botanical interest. That may be ancient wildflower meadows, wooded hills, or groves of citrus blossom.

These provide opportunities for stolls through breathcaking landscapes which de-stress and inspire. Students often join together for a short walk after class and before taking an aperitif.

Hotels are invariably small and family owned. Genuine charm and hospitality are important. We want to immerse you in an authentic experience of the regions we visit...and that will include freshly prepared foods and local wines.

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